Laughing Ladies is the second book of the All of My Life Series by Rafael dela Cruz. This story is definitely the counterpart of the movie Crying Ladies, and basically the continuation of All of My Life (It's like the El Filibusterismo in Noli Me Tangere).


The story is divided into 3 parts:

First Part (Chapters 1-11)Edit

The first part of the story revolves around the 3 protagonists, Anna, Maria and Joanna, also known as the Laughing Ladies. Also in this part we will meet Tsunade from All of My Life, now with her own parlor, the Tsunade Parlor, which is intended for fooling Mother C by making her pay double the price.

Second Part (Chapters 12-37)Edit

The second part which is the ridiculously longest part is all about Jennifer, Carina, Sonja, Julia and Haley, 5 vampires that looks exactly like the Gov't Officials Tanya, Gavrina, Maria, Yuliya and Arya; and their life as students, and bieing Tsunade's advisory class. Also here we will see the love triangle of Sonja, Rustom and Priscilla, and a number of Taylor Swift songs that Priscilla sang. This part ends in Chapter 37, when Mrs. B******* was arrested for making the music video of her version of Miley Cyrus' 2009 hit "Party in the USA" in 2014, which includes burning the US flag, which is a great violation against the American Law.

Third Part (Chapters 38-Epilogue)Edit

This part might be shorter than the second part, but more events have happened in this part than in the previous part. This part started when Mother C challenged Arya into a snap elections on 27 May 2017, 6 months shy to the actual 2017 Russian Presidential Elections. During the campaign, many things have happened, like the ambush that broke Maks Gennadiev's right arm, after he lost his left arm in All of My Life.

So many things have also happened during the elections and the canvassing period, and the event that marked the 2017 calendar of the Russians is the death of Marko Mendayov, one of the members of the famous all-boy navy band/dance group Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards on 04 June 2017. DJ Ramiscal was the one accused of Mendayov's death and was imprisoned until the real killer was found out on 09 August 2018 (that would still be Chapter 10 of Kalashnikonov).

10 days after the death of Mendayov, the final canvassing was done and Mother C won. But then Arya did everything so that the injustices will end, since Mother C was not really the winner but Arya. And finally, on 25 July 2017, Cortesova was arrested and they all lived in peace.

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