Cortesova Regime is the 6th novel in the All of My Life Series and the last part of the super novel Russian Timeline. It is also the 4th to the longest of the All of My Life Series, next to Russian Timeline, Cortesova Regime II, and Cortesova Regime III.


This story is divided into 7 parts:

First Part (Prologue; Chapters 1-3)Edit

The first part is basically the introduction of Cortesova's 17-year regime over Russia. (Cortesova: Victory, my name is--) Shut up, Cortesova!!

This part started when Cortesova took her (?) oath of office on 9 May 2021, where there were only 4 026 who attended, and where 4 021 only attended the inaguration to throw up. After witnessing the worth-throwing-up inaguration, Arya and her agents set off to Margovya to settle an alliance with the Holy Shit Empire led by Mrs. B*******. However, the part 1 ends when Cristina Estrada, daughter of the late Magnus Kane Estrada, initiated the Costa Lunan Revolution against Queen Rosalinda of Costa Luna.

Second Part (Chapters 4-10)Edit

This part is basically the start of the rising action in the Cortesova Regime. Chapter 4 is basically the start of the long line of wars that will emerge in the whole Cortesova Regime story, the Moscow Mutiny. Aside from it, other things have happened during this part, like the friendship break-up of the United States and the Soviet Union, Irina's Exile, and the most awaited Godfrey and Cortesova Wedding. (Godfrey: FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Third Part (Chapters 11-20)Edit

This part started with Cortesova implementing the Chemistry Law, the counterpart of the Philippine Martial Law by President Marcos on 1972. After this, series of battles have happened between Arya and Cortesova, including the legendary Cortesova Factory Siege, which killed over a thousand civilians, including Chemist Eishirou Sugata. Also in this part we have witnessed Godfrey and Cortesova's first scandal, and how Godfrey impregnated Cortesova with 69 children. (Godfrey: FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

However, this part ended with the initial warning of the Chinese Government about the Battle of the Spratly Islands on Chapter 42.

Fourth Part (Chapters 21-31)Edit

The Fourth part is basically the account of the year-long Siberian War that lasted from 2030 to 2031. So many events have happened during this part, such as the showdown of activities such as Latin-American Dance, Jazz Chant, Litmus (although it was not in the book).

Fifth Part (Chapters 32-46)Edit

The fifth and the second to the longest part of your worth-throwing-up novel started when Mrs. B******* and the rest of the Holy S*** Empire started to summon and tame the ghost of Marko Mendayov, one of the members of the famous all-boy navy band/dance group Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards who was killed in Chapter 48 of the Laughing Ladies. After that unsuccessful taming entered the series of wars such as Anadyr Prison Siege, Battle of St. Petersburg, Part 2 of the Moscow Mutiny, Battle of Spratly Islands, Novosibirsk Revolution, and the ever popular Chemistry Warfare. However, this part ends on the preparation for another attack of the HSE Government against Cortesova which resulted to the start of the Third World War.

Sixth Part (Chapters 47-53)Edit

This part is basically the start of the World War III (but not the end). This part was also the climax of the whole novel, wherein Yuliya's son, Vladimir Abadov, was shot by Cortesova and passed away after being commatosed for 6 days.

Seventh Part (Chapters 54-69; Epilogues I and II)Edit

This is basically the conclusion of the Cortesova Regime. After Abadov died, many others like Vyacheslav Klimov, Lyubov Sulinova, etc. were killed by Cortesova. On the contrary, many positive events have also happened, such as the success of the taming of Mendayov's ghost, Arya's recovery of all cities of Russia, and the last 10 scandals of Godfrey and Cortesova.(Godfrey: HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In the last Chapter (Chapter 69) was the most awaited event of all: the Grand Kremlin Siege, and the death of Cortesova. However, in the second epilogue, Cortesova's daughter (this time she is a straight female), Conrada Godfriyevna Cortesova, swears that she will take revenge of her father/mother.

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