All of My Life is the first novel of the All of My Life Series by Rafael dela Cruz. It is about 4 doctors who searched for their "heaven" as they journey through "hells" and finally gaining popularity as the dance group OMH Body Dancers.


The story is divided into 5 parts:

First Part (Chapters 1-10)Edit

The first part started when Elaine, an average housewife with a live-in partner and a child, left her live-in partner just to be with Arvin, a doctor who works in Olivarez Medical Hospital, also known as OMH, in Pasay City. Arvin had a girlfriend named Agatha, who died due to malaria. However, as she applied into the said hospital, she had an encounter with Michelle, a nurse who had once dreamed Arvin as her husband, and Rosanna, an apprentice doctor who has been working in OMH for 3 years, who were always fighting over Farmville, a virtual game in Facebook that everyone in OMH, especially their boss, Monmon, is addicted to. But one day, when Monmon attended the inaguration of President Benigno Aquino III on June 30 2011, leaving his employees behind, Rosanna intentionally sabotaged the former's computer. The next day the latter was fired, followed by everybody else. That day also marked the end of Michelle and Rosanna's feud.

Second Part (Chapters 11-17)Edit

The second part is when Arvin, Elaine, Mich and Rosanna decided to search for their fate by applying in St. Luke's in Quezon City. Everything was good, except for one thing: Their over-all president, Godfrey, is a Jejemon, a Filipino texting habit that germinated since 2010. They also met Pauline, a nurse whose boyfriend's name is the masculine counterpart of hers, and Joseph, an abusive manager. There also came a time in which Rosanna became a GRO (that's right, Guest Relations Officer) in St. Luke's itself!

Later, they met Ramon, a Cuban who escaped from Cuba, searching for San Francisco, until he reached Guadalupe in Makati City. He then decided, since he is in the Philippines, to apply at St. Luke's. But one event made our 5 characters look for another job, and that was when William Do, an infamous criminal known for assassinations all over the world (even outside the Earth), killed their jeje-boss, Godfrey.

Third Part (Chapters 18-28)Edit

In the third part our 5 doctors changed their mind and became teachers instead. Their working place, Notre Dame of Greater Manila in Caloocan City. There they met 3 teachers known as MTC3 or Malupit na Teacher Circle of 3, which is composed of Mrs. B*******, a terror teacher who keeps on throwing caritas cans towards students; Mother C, a male teacher who had long wanted to be female; and Teddy, a teacher/rapper.

Also in this part we will meet Mother C's Bodyguards (Chapter 25-26) Gavrina Kumilyova and Arya Nukova, and we will also meet the unupdated ambassador of Russia in the Philippines, Dmitri. However, as Arvin, Elaine, Mich and Rosanna works in NDGM, Ramon works in SMACC, the school beside NDGM, since he ran out of application forms. There he met Victoria, a vampire who is in company of James and Laurent-- wait, that's not it! Take 2. There he met Victoria, a CLVE (Christian Living and Values Education) Teacher but a satanist who keeps on teaching her students to worship Satan. However, they went back to OMH after a year of working in the said schools, as Monmon apologizes to them and with desperation, begged them to come back.

Fourth Part (Chapters 29-43)Edit

The title of this part, as it will appear on the published All of My Life book, is "Shut up, Private Nukova!", taken from the line that Irina Adzhitekova, then President of the Russian Federation, shouted to Arya all throughout the ourth part, and even in the first 6 chapters of Part 5! However, the part started when President Aquino and Irina were having breakfast in Malacanang Palace when they ate spoiled food and were brought to OMH and did the Bathroom Dance (Michael V.'s Parody of Lady Gaga's 2009 hit Bad Romance).

On the other hand, Jessa, Arvin's ex-girlfriend, have been jealous of Elaine since Agatha passed away because she wanted to take Arvin solo, so she gave Elaine 11 challenges (3 of them even gave the latter worldwide recognition) to test the latter's love for Arvin. On the other hand, after Irina and her bodyguards Tanya Kalinina, Gavrina Kumilyova, Maria Atolova, Yuliya Koneva and Arya Nukova (Shut up, Private Nukova!) got out of OMH, they have gone to different countries like Mongolia, China, Korea and Japan.

But after that tiring journey, they finally reached Russia 2 days before the 2013 Russian Elections, just in time for Irina's campaign, which turned out to be an ambush led by Ivan Prokofiev, Irina's opponent, and William Do (who was later killed by Elaine). But after more than 3 hours of survival, They have finally gone to Novosibirsk safe, and so Irina called for a thanksgiving mass, whose Responsorial Psalm was "Shut up, Private Nukova"; whose first reading was taken from Cortesova Regime Prologue Segment 2 (Cr P:2) which was Cortesova's kidnapping of Arya; and whose Prayers of the Faithful was "Lord, keep Private Nukova's mouth shut."

Meanwhile, while they were celebrating and at the same time insulting Arya, Mother C had a sex change attempt, which was done by Mrs. B******* by singing a chorus of Madonna's Like a Virgin while throwing caritas on Mother C's p****. Two days later the 2013 Russian Elections were held, and Irina won again. Simultaneous to this event was Elaine's killing of William Do, which gave the former world recognition. Aside from that, 2 other deeds of Elaine gave her world recognition, like the return of Irina's limo, and reuniting the Pope and the Patriarch after the 2 latters fought live on TV.

Fifth Part (Chapter 44-Epilogue)Edit

Arya, like other people, have limitations for her temper. She then led the impeachment complaint against Irina, left her, went to the Philippines, and became the bodyguard of Mother C, who is now a female. But after witnessing Mother C's date with Father C, the other bodyguards convinced Arya to go back to Russia,but Arya refused to do so.

This part is mainly about Irina's battle with Prokofiev, as the latter had become president after the former's former Vice President, Fanniya, resigned as President. Irina then went back to the Philippines to convince her bodyguards to come back. They then planned on how to beat Prokofiev when the latter died after the news that he is a Satanist circulated.

Now their opponent is Prokofiev's Vice President, Ben Guadinov. It took them to have a campaign on Europe and Africa just for the people to support Irina on the snap elections which were held on February 06, 2014. However, their efforts were for nothing, as Guadinov had already won the snap elections. As a result, the whole party of Irina planned a people power revolution against Guadinov.

On the other hand, Arvin was sent to Canada for a 5-day medical mission, but the day he returned to the Philippines, Elaine had already broken up with him after the former learned about him and Arya. However, Salome, the sidekick of Jessa, told Elaine all the things that Jessa had done, like the photo of Arvin and Arya, which was actually the photo of him and Elaine which was photoshopped; and the true cause of Agatha's death which was not actually malaria but poison. After that talk, Elaine apologized to Arvin, and they went to Russia, when Arya was arrested, about to be crucified and burnt at stake.

After Arya had passed all those sufferings and gone out alive, Guadinov had escaped to Ukraine (a VTR even showed that he showed his middle fingers, toes, fingernails, toenails and p****. The next day he hostaged a bus containing at least 40 OFW's. Because of that, Irina and the rest went to Kiev and killed Guadinov by fart.

Guadinov's Vice President Ivan Prokofiev, Jr. should have been the president, but he handed it over to Irina, which she handed over to Arya as an apology gift. The next day was the wedding day of Arvin and Elaine, which Jessa had planned to ruin by shooting Elaine dead, but instead of Elaine, it was Arvin she had shooted. Simultaneous to that was the break up of Mother C and Father C after the latter noticed that the former used gayuma to attract him. On the other hand, Arvin was later revived and he and Elaine got married and lived happily ever after.


Now why entitled "All of my Life"? It was entitled "All of My Life because of the characters who can apply the title into the summary of their lives, and here are examples:

Arvin: All of my Life I am changing girlfriends from time to time, that's why I'm happy I met Elaine.

Elaine: All of My Life I longed to be with Arvin, and now I am thankful that we are now married.

Irina: All of My Life I've been receiving death threats. When will they stop?!

Arya: All of My Life Irina always shouts "Shut up, Private Nukova" at me, so now I'm very thankful that I bacame president.

In Between ScenesEdit

There were scenes in All of My Life that are not in the book, and they will all be revealed here:

Starstruck 2012Edit

Arvin, Elaine, Mich, Rosanna and Ramon once joined starstruck on January 2012, and on the semi-finals, they were only 6, with their opponent Mother C. The 5 performed together but their performances were not that good. However, they qualified as the starstruck avengers, as the judges threw up on Mother C's exhibition, which included showing her p****/v*****.

The Thanksgiving MassEdit

On Chapter 37, Irina and her bodyguards got to Novosibirsk safe after the ambush, that's why they celebrated a thanksgiving mass, but what was written on the book was only the First Reading, Responsorial Psalm and Prayers of the Faithful. It didn't include the whole mass.

Now the mass was presided by Father C, and the commentator was Arya. During the entire mass everytime Arya would say something like "Please rise", "Please kneel"... Irina would whisper "Shut up, Private Nukova!"

Mother C's sex changeEdit

It was written on Laughing Ladies that after Tsunade Parlor had been bankrupted, Mother C was desperate because she could no longer have a sex change. But on the contrary, Mother C had a successful sex change at Belo Medical Clinic. What really happened?!

Mother C's sex change lasted for 2 weeks, which should only last for a few days. The truth is that the sex change itself only lasted for a day, and then the other 13 days Mother C screamed while holding her v***** because what really happened was that during the session, Dra. Vicki Belo used an oxygen tank (yes, the one used in hospitals) and hit Mother C's p**** and turned it into a v*****.

Elaine's 10th ChallengeEdit

Many have asked for this since this is not even in the book. Well, Elaine's 10th challenge was not mentioned by Jessa but the scene of Elaine doing it was actually in the book. It was on Chapter 47-50, when Irina is campaigning for her snap elections against Guadinov. Her actual challenge was to help (just help) Irina in the campaign. That's it!

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